B2B Sales

Sales Directors: Hitting your number just got easier

Maxxy is an AI chat app that helps you manage your team and drive B2B Sales performance.

B2B Sales performance
Increases Selling Time

Maxxy is The B2B Sales App

Bringing clarity to forecasts and pinpointing deal blockers. Automated tools help manage relationships and sales success. With free sales training to bring it all together, quickly and easily.


Nail your teams forecasts

Maxxy contacts your salespeople to request their committed numbers. Highlighting reasons for change and any deal blockers. Eliminating last minute surprises.

Maxxy has transformed our Sales Management, bringing consistency to forecast accuracy. Now, we easily understand and track our numbers, saving time for Sales Management to prioritize other tasks.

Peter Rufford - Head of Sales Operations

Deal Blockers

Increase Selling Skills

Help your Sales Team with our free training and resources

Try our free tools to help your team manage their customer relationships and understand their value propositions. Or get your free trial of Maxxy with our Video Sales Training.

Customer Relationships
selling time

Manage more relationships

Maxxy’s contact mapping helps salespeople understand their relationships better. Coaching them to set specific actions to improve win chance, and then chasing to make sure they’re done!

I've tried various sales methodologies, but their adoption fell short in practice. Maxxy is a different approach - simple, straightforward, and used daily by my team.

Mike Dowell - VP of Sales

Video Sales Training

No need to take your team off the road for long-winded training that’s soon forgotten. Maxxy’s Strategic Sales Training is delivered in short videos with techniques and tools your team can take straight into their deals to improve win chance.​ It’s free, why not try it.

Maximum impact with minimum effort
Short videos that can fit into anyone's day
Quick results: Can all be completed in one week
Interactive tools to ensure ongoing usage and results
Video Sales Training
Increases Selling Time

Improve Customer Relationships Download our free tool

Ensure your salespeople cover all the bases. Understand how to manage their Fans and Skeptics with tailored actions. Our free tool creates insightful value maps. Try it now.