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Reimagine your Sales Training with Maxxy

No classrooms or time off the road. Our powerful video-driven learning is designed to deliver the biggest impact in minimum time.

Your Salespeople then use the mobile chat app daily to ensure ongoing adoption and tangible results.

Our sales training course is free

You can use our Sales Training course with your team absolutely free. Try it for 14 days and gauge the likely impact yourself before making any commitments.

Sales Training course

Video Training Course

Maxxy’s video learning builds selling skills fast. No need to take your team off the road. Get maximum impact in minimum time. Then the app makes sure it’s put into practice, every day, easily.

Classroom training may be outdated. Much of it goes unused. People now prefer fast, impactful content at a time that suits them. That's why we love Maxxy. It focuses on what matters, and makes salespeople apply it effectively

James Rose – Director of Sales
Video Training Course

Video training with tools to drive adoption

Maxxy's sales training is simple and impactful. The real game changer is the mobile chat app's automated tools, ensuring salespeople adopt and use the methodology consistently in the real world

Maxxy helps my team to manage relationships and value propositions via the mobile app. The management portal displays everything, making it easy and effectively structured for opportunity reviews.

Gail Yates – VP of Sales
Automation Sales Training

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Relationship map

Does your team know which of their customer contacts are fans or skeptics? And if they do, how do the actions differ to manage them? Our free relationship map will help them navigate this critical area.

Relationship map