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Sales Basics

£ 26 / month

Management Dashboard
Mobile Chat app to:

Drive Committed Forecasts
Record reasons for variance
Sales League table
Identify Deal Blockers
Action Management

Sales Professional

£ 40 / month

Includes everything in Basics plus:

Video Sales Training course

Additional Mobile module for:
Relationship mapping
Value Metric mapping

Bespoke Enterprise

From £ 50 / month

Includes everything in
Professional plus:
Integrated into your CRM

Bespoke modules developed for your Sales Methodology

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Free trial really no commitment?

Yes, and we don’t need your credit card details either. We are happy to see if Maxxy fits your needs.

Is the trial a restricted set of features?

No, we want you to try the full version of Maxxy. Contact us and we’ll get you set up.

Are there upfront set up charges?

For our standard system there is no set up cost (Basics or Professional version). For our Bespoke Enterprise package, if we build dedicated modules or integrate with specific systems then there may be a setup cost. Please discuss your requirements with us, by scheduling a demo.

Do you offer discounts?

Our Professional option offers all modules at a discounted price, billed annually. If you have specific requirements or a larger team (>40) then contact us to discuss a Bespoke Enterprise solution.

Will you provide integration to my specific CRM? Or sales methodology?

Yes, please contact us we are happy to discuss your needs and build a Maxxy module that drives the behaviours you need. We can work with any sales methodology and any CRM. Please discuss your requirements with us, by scheduling a demo.

How does user licensing and billing work?

We consider a User to be anyone with a Maxxy login. This would include salespeople using the Maxxy app and managers using the Maxxy management portal.

Value proposition

Try our free value mapping tool

Helps your salespeople consider their proposition from the customers perspective. Then build relevant actions to address areas of weakness and capitalise on strengths.

value mapping tool